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Universal Logging System

The Universal Logging System (ULS) is the available tool for gathering data in an automated and quality-controlled way. Typically, the ULS can log material at sampling intervals of down to 0,1 mm. Its flexibility is such that it can analyse either whole or split cores, while clients own sensors can be added to the system as required. Moreover, the ULS comes in a variety of rugged configurations for work in the field or in the laboratory.

The ULS can handle core sections between 30 and 125 mm in diameter and 1.350 mm long and can sample at intervals of 0,1 mm or greater.

The ULS-control software is a complete package for logging cores, viewing graphical output and processing data in real time. This NI LabVIEW® application provides a sophisticated but easy-to-use interface for the control of the logging process. At the same time it makes available a number of powerful features for the display and output of data.

Standard sensor system:

Bartington® MS2 Magnetic Susceptibility System with a sensitivity of 2x10E-6 SI (2x10E-7 CGS) and an serial interface. The MS2 Meter can be used with following sensors:
  • MS2C - Range of core logging sensors for measurements on sediment cores with no metal cladding
  • MS2E - Sensors with 3,8 x 10,5 mm area of response for high resolution surface measurements of split cores
  • MS2F - Probe with 15 mm diameter for high resolution surface measurements


MS2 Sensor

Half shell option

Full core option

For more specific information about the ULS contact:

Hilgenfeldt, Christian+49 421 218-65314GEO 1, 4110[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Frederichs, Thomas, Dr.+49 421 218-65326GEO I, GEO 4040[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]