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Dr. Söhnke Rathmann

Dr. Söhnke Rathmann is a testfield engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the biggest laboratory suppliers in the world.

Originally from Langeoog, Söhnke studied Geology/Paleontology in Clausthal and Bremen. After his graduation in 2002, he started a PhD project at the DFG Forschungszentrum Ozeanränder at the University of Bremen about laser ablation ICP-MS in paleoceanography in the Benguela Upwelling Area off Namibia.

Following his PhD, after all job applications had been rejected, he commenced studying nautical science and maritime transport in Elsfleth,. He realized after some months, that this didn't suit him and started again to search for jobs not only as geologist, but also in an extended area related to geology.

A temporary employment agency gave him the opportunity to work as a contract worker in the testfield for mass spectrometry. After he had been trained on different mass spectrometers, Söhnke was started to work for Thermo Fisher Scientific with noble gas mass spectrometers, a new productline introduced at that time. Nowadays he is still a testfield engineer, but his tasks also include coaching of service engineers and new colleagues, assisting the global support team and sometimes installing instruments or fixing problems at customer sites.

Söhnke Rathmann