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Career Perspectives

We recommend to spend about 20 minutes per week to check out your career perspectives.

This may help you to

  • get an idea what kind of jobs are out there,
  • learn, which skills you may need in the future, and
  • develop a perspective for the next steps in your career

Experts say that round about 75% (the figure depends on which expert you ask) of the positions available in the private sector, are never publicly announced. It is very encouraging to realise this, because it means that are more jobs than those that you will find in the job portals.

Career - Get started now
job portals
These are three easy examples of how you can get started to get an overview over the job market, in academia and beyond:
  • Sign up for e-mail alerts with different job portals to be informed about jobs that meet your interest,
  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter with job announcements that may be suitable for marine scientists,
  • Browse through LinkedIn and check out where other (former) marine scientists work.


Is your plan to continue a career in science?

You should make yourself familiar with how the science community is organised and what is expected from scientists who would like to become permanent.

From plain statistics we know that less than 20% of the people who obtain a PhD title, will eventually receive a permanent contract in academia. It is therefore recommendable to understand what you need to do to be able to compete with the others.