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Peer-to-Peer Short Courses

  • Would you like to gain teaching experience without having to invest a whole lot of time with preparations?

  • Are you interested to learn some more about what your early career colleagues at MARUM and its partner institutions are doing?

  • Do you want to learn new research methods?

The Peer-to-Peer Short Courses provide an opportunity for PhD students and Postdocs to introduce research methods and/or concepts to their peers and to learn and benefit from each other.

The maximum duration of a short course should not exceed 90 minutes inlcuding questions and discussion.

You are welcome to prepare and lecture in teams!


peer-to-peer short course

If you are interested to offer a course, just send an e-mail to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript].

peer-to-peer short course

Peer-to-Peer Short Courses in the Past

Topic Presenters
Stable and Radiogenic Isotopes in Marine Sediments Lina Madaj, Yanming Ruan, Adhitya Wardana
Climate Modeling - Types of models, How does it work? Charlotte Breitkreuz, Fiona Rochholz
Biomarkers Katja Hockun, Rony Küchler