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Dr. Ulrich Alt-Epping

Dr. Ulrich Alt-Epping is a Geologist at Wintershall, Germany's largest oil & gas producer. Originally from Münster, he studied Geology/Paleontology in Tübingen and Adelaide, Australia. His studies were supported by the German National Academic Foundation, for which he later assisted as reviewer for scholarship candidates.

After his graduation in 2003 he started a PhD project at the DFG Forschungszentrum Ozeanränder at the University of Bremen about environmental variations in southwestern Europe after the last glacial.

Finishing his PhD in 2007, he commenced working as exploration geologist with Shell International E&P in the Netherlands, initially in the New Ventures exploration group and later in the Gabon asset team. He had the opportunity to experience operational exposure during seismic acquisition and drilling in the Gabonese jungle, a drilling campaign in Sweden and geological field work in Tunisia.

Ulrich returned to Germany in January 2013 and joined the geology group of Wintershall in Barnstorf. There he is working on oil and gas fields in Germany in a variety of disciplines, ranging from geophysics to sedimentology and geo-modeling.

Ulrich Alt-Epping