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Claudia Kühne

Claudia Kühne is an international business and well connected political consultant with more than twenty years of professional expertise in environmental science, marketing, sales and public relations. She is Permanent Representative of the Diplomatic Council “Hanse Mission” (area northern Germany), a global Think Tank of the UN.

Claudia earned a Master's Degree (Diploma) from the University of Bremen as a geologist, specialized in marine issues. In 1995 she also gained a Degree in economics from the University of Hamburg and in 2003 a Degree in public relations from the Founder- and Innovation Centre GIZEF, Freiberg. She conducted research at the GKSS Research Centre, the Universities of Bremen and Kiel and also the Technical University of Hamburg.

Claudia is co-founder of "Tethys e.V.- Society of Developing of Blue Biotechnology" in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt, an NGO that evaluates the medical, economical and/or technical benefits of 250 different water plants.
In 2004 Claudia also founded two companies, “Genuss im Schloss Freudenstein” and “Cinebank Freiberg” with more than twenty employees, where she focused on cultural services for the citizens and students of the Technical University in Freiberg/Saxony. The companies were sold in 2010.

From 2005 until 2009 Claudia has been a Parliamentary Consultant for the Liberal Party (FDP) at the Saxony State Government for climate control, nature, water and agriculture where she had to work amicably with the various political parties, authorities, NGO’s and scientists of several universities.

From 2011 until 2013 Claudia was Director of Marketing and Sales for the EG Factory, Chemnitz and an electricity provider in Hamburg.

In 2013 Claudia became President of the Lions Club in Zschopau/ Saxony, where she was also a chairwoman for several Lions Clubs in the Ore Mountain region.

After changing the place of residence in 2014, Claudia has been voted as member of the Executive Board of the Liberal Society (Liberale Gesellschaft) in Bremen, a very sophisticated political and social Think Tank and she became also the Permanent Representative of the Diplomatic Council “Hanse Mission” (area northern Germany), a global Think Tank of the UN.

In 2017 Claudia became Vicepresident of the Lions Club “Buten un Binnen” in Bremen and also an environmental consultant for the new Liberal Party in Berlin.

Claudia Kühne