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nature masterclasses online

Professional development training for researchers - via workshops and online courses


The nature masterclasses are an offer for members of MARUM and / or the graduate school GLOMAR (incl. ArcTrain, SLATE, and TRR 181).

  • High-quality training delivered by Nature Research journal editors, experienced researchers, funders and professionals
  • Designed to engage: online videos, learning activities and workshops offering one-to-one interaction with experts
  • Researchers learn techniques and strategies to develop their skills, confidence and careers

Course Topics

1. Scientific writing and publishing
2. Effective collaboration in research
3. Managing research data to unlock its full potential
4. Narrative Tools for Researchers
5. Focus on Peer Review
6. Data Analysis: Planning and Preparing
7. Networking for Researchers
8. Advancing Your Scientific Presentations
9. Persuasive Grant Writing
10. Data Analysis: Conducting and Troubleshooting



See https://masterclasses.nature.com/ for more details on the courses.


Under our current license, MARUM members will have access to the courses until 18 July 2022 (once all places are taken, we wil buy a new 12-month license).


The nature masterclasses online are open for members of MARUM and / or of GLOMAR (incl. ArcTrain, SLATE, and TRR181) who plan to take courses worth at least 3 GLOMAR credit points (this rule also applies to non-GLOMAR members). See list below.

If you would like to apply for a place in one or several of the courses, please fill in the registration form.