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MARUM / GLOMAR PhD Student Representatives


Current PhD representatives


The PhD representatives are a team of five MARUM / GLOMAR PhD students who are responsible for representing the interests and needs of the MARUM and GLOMAR PhD community and to assist PhD students in any issues they might encounter during their time as a PhD student.

Moreover, the representatives serve as an information node between the GLOMAR management board, the MARUM project leader assembly and the students.

Finally, they also organise the programme of the Bremen PhD Days in Marine Sciences, which foster networking between PhD students.

PhD Representatives are usually elected for the period of 12 months (GLOMAR) or 24 months (MARUM) respectively.


Former PhD Representatives

Lena Steinmann

Andreas Türke

Denise Müller

Felix Elling

Conny Kwiatkowski

Hannah Brocke

Sebastian Hammerschmidt

Until December 2012, the PhD community had 2 representatives for the MARUM PhD students and 3 representatives for the GLOMAR PhD students.
Since January 2013, up to 5 representatives are elected to represent the MARUM / GLOMAR PhD student community as a whole.

Ferdinand Oberle

Jan Schröder

Eva Kwoll

Sebastian Hötzel

Maria Winterfeld

Bevis Fedder

Anna Kloss

Judith Neumann

Achim Rößler

Nick Rackebrandt

Katharina Jantzen

Stephan Klapp