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Projects (2015-2018)

Coastal ecosystem change: synamics, perception and interpretation:
Coastal development: driven by environmental and anthropogenic forcing (...more IC22)
Coastal change and infrastructural development (...more IC23)
Coastal development and sea-floor integrity
Initiation of motion – marine biological factors controlling sediment stability (...more IC24)
Ecology of natural vs. artificial hard substrata in the marine coastal environment:
Substrate characteristics as facilitator of settlement and community stability (...more IC25)
Abiotic and biotic influenced acoustic patchiness of coarse grain habitats (...more IC26)
Protecting sea-floors: Towards a legal regime on marine soil protection (...more IC27)
Pulses of Coastal Sediment Mobilisation - Causes, Consequences and Mitigation
Sediment stability and (re)mobilisation in coastal areas of Germany and New Zealand (...more IC29)
Magnetic heavy minerals as stratigraphic markers of littoral sedimentation events (...more IC30)
Coastal flood protection in the law of Germany and New Zealand (...more IC31)
The use of models in coastal research and law
Modelling the dynamics of estuarine-inlet-beach exchange (...more IC32)
The modelling of environmental risks in administrative and judicial proceedings (...more IC33)
Uncertainties of regional ocean circulation projections (...more IC34)