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Projects (2009-2012)

Morphodynamic equilibria of coastal systems (more IC1_I...)
Scenarios for future changes in the occurrence of extreme storm surges (more IC2_I...)
Bedform crest bifurcations in subaqueous bedforms (more IC3_I...)
In situ soil strength testing utilizing the newly developed Geotechnical Offshore Seabed Tool (GOST) (more IC4_I...)
Habitat dynamics in response to constructional impacts: the geological approach (more IC5_I...)
Habitat dynamics in response to constructional impacts: a biological approach (more IC6_I...)
Sedimentation impacts on photosynthetic performance and competitive success of marine macrophytes (more IC7_I...)
Magnetic minerals as markers of coastal zone evolution (more IC8_I...)
Micro scale sediment - fluid interactions (more IC9_I...)
Sediment pore pressure response from penetrating objects (more IC10_I...)
Looking beyond the dredges: The consideration of alternatives in the planning and consenting of port development in Germany and New Zealand (more IC11_I...)
International law on tuna fisheries management: Is the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission ready for the challenge (more IC12_I...)
Working with Nature - an ethnography of soft coastal protection in Aotearoa, New Zealand (more IC13_I...)
Hydrodynamics, Sediment Transport Modelling and Applications on the Tairua Estuary, New Zealand (more IC14_NZ...)
Modelling sediment exchange around the ebb-tide deltas (more IC15_NZ...)
he Effects of Biotic Interactions on Intertidal Sediment Stability (more IC16_NZ...)
Estuary-sehlf-nutrient exchange controls and interannual patterns in estuarine Ulva dynamics (more IC17_NZ...)
The impact of macrophyte mats on the structure and functioning of benthic communities (more IC18_NZ...)
The use of GIS as a tool to integrate services of coastal environments in spatial planning (more IC19_NZ...)
Regulating Tangaroa´s Realm: A comparative study of legal issues affecting the offshore exploration and development of energy and mineral resources in New Zealand (more IC20_NZ...)
Civil Liability for offshore drilling in New Zealand waters (more IC21_NZ...)