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GLOMAR Monthly Research Seminars

The main aim of the monthly research seminars is to provide an opportunity for networking and getting to know fellow PhD students, as well as to discuss topics of common interest. Since the research seminars are limited in time (1.5 hrs.), they are a good means of initiating discussions and identifying needs.

GLOMAR PhD students can suggest topics for the seminars. They are also invited to prepare and lead a seminar, either on their own or together with a group of peers.

Contact us at [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] for your suggestions and wishes.


The GLOMAR Monthly Research Seminars are held from 13.00 to 14.30 hrs on the last Friday of each month in room 2060 of the MARUM I building (variations are noted).

Tea, coffee and cookies will be provided :-)

monthly research seminar
Monthly research seminar: visit of the aquariums at ZMT
monthly research seminar
Monthly research seminar: staying on track with your thesis
monthly research seminar
Monthly research seminar: explaining biomarkers to the peers

Coming up next

Date Topic
7 June 2019 "Two minutes to impress" or Getting to know the other GLOMAR PhD students (in room 2070)
28 June 2019 Research stays - funding, organisation and personal experiences
26 July 2019 "Treasure chest of knowledge" or Share your Resources 
(PhD students introduce each other to tools/methods/software they use, funding sources they know of, useful web sites etc.)
30 August 2019 Coping with challenges during the PhD phase
13 September 2019 Self and Time Management or How to organise yourself and thus reduce your stress level
25 October 2019 The final phase of your PhD: finishing up, submitting the thesis, preparing the defence
29 November 2019 Tandem paper writing
13 December 2019 Transition from PhD student to Postdoc