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Gözde Özden

Institution: University of Bremen
Room: MARUM I, room 0000
Phone: +49 421 200 - 3218
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Gözde Özden

PhD project

Systematic multi-scale analysis and modelling of geophysical flows

The purpose of my PhD project is to look at balance and, more generally, multiscale phenomena, addressing the following questions for the ocean.

  • How do concepts of balance persist if the analysis is based directly upon the full set of equations of motion that form the dynamical core of global ocean models?
  • How can we transite from one asymptotic regime to another while maintaining uniform validity of the balance relation?

The first question aims at the classical derivation of balance models via a succession of approximations, e.g. Boussinesq, hydrostatic, thin-layer, and small pressure gradient approximations lead to quasi-geostrophic models.

To answer the second question, common techniques in perturbation analysis involve matched asymptotic expansions.

These are essential in evaluating and improving numerical weather and climate prediction models. Nowadays, the weather is changing rapidly and this is a big threat for life especially in the ocean. Then, we need more accurate predictions.

Even though we have the high-tech climate predictions with a lot of information for the long term, there are some lack of the fundamental principles. Without fully understanding the energy cycle in the ocean, we can not improve the current predictions. This project aims to get the solution to fill the fundamental gaps about ocean dynamics and to gain the new approach in mathematical perspective.

This project is the mathematical subproject of the “(TRR181) Energy transfer in atmosphere and ocean”. A consistent mathematical model for the climate analysis and forecast accuracy is expected at the end.

Thesis committee

Prof. Dr. Marcel Oliver Jacobs University Bremen
Prof. Dr. Sergey Danilov Jacobs University Bremen and Al­fred We­gener In­sti­tute, Helm­holtz Cen­ter for Po­lar and Mar­ine Re­search (AWI), Bremer­haven
Prof. Dr. Peter Korn Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg


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