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Natalia Sukhikh

Institution: University of Bremen
Room: NW I, room M-3150
Phone: +49 421 218 - 62168
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Natalia Sukhikh

PhD project:

Mixing induced vertical heat and freshwater fluxes in the upper ocean

The heat and freshwater budget of the ocean mixed layer is determined by surface fluxes, processes within the mixed layer, and fluxes across the transition layer towards the deep ocean. In the subpolar North Atlantic, especially the Labrador Sea, deep water formation and ocean carbon uptake depend on the mixed layer properties, and as such affected by changes in temperature and freshwater content as caused by increased melt-off of Greenland glaciers or changes in sea ice formation, as well as changes in atmospheric forcing. The vertical exchange by mixing in the upper ocean is mostly caused by wind stress, and thus temporally variable and also subject to climate change.

In situ vm-ADCP and CTD datasets collected during almost 15 years in the North Atlantic are used in the project. The work is focused on the Labrador Sea and being made in the collaboration with Canadian Universities. The goal of the project is to get the quantitative contribution of vertical heat and freshwater fluxes in the mixing processes.

Thesis committee:

Prof. Dr. Monika Rhein University of Bremen
Dr. Maren Walter University of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Paul Myers University of Alberta, Canada
Dr. Tim Fischer GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany
Dr. Christian Mertens University of Bremen


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