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Anouk Vlug

Institution:University of Bremen
Room:GEO building, room 5420
Phone:+49 421 218 - 65448
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Other webpage(s):Anouk's MARUM web page
Anouk's ArcTrain web page
Anouk Vlug

PhD project:

Impact of natural climate variability on Canadian Arctic glaciers during the Holocene

My PhD is part of the international research training group ArcTrain. I work at the University of Bremen in Geosystem Modeling group, which is a part of MARUM and the Faculty of Geosciences. In the framework of my PhD project, I am studying the impact of decadal-to-centennial time scale natural climate variability on the glacier mass balance in the Canadian Arctic. I study both the impact of climate variability that is caused by internal feedbacks and that of climate variability that is caused by external forcing (e.g. volcanism, solar forcing and greenhouse gasses). The focus of my research is on the mid to late Holocene, but I started with looking at the last millennium.

In order to answer my research questions, I will do different modeling experiments. I am going to use the Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM) to model glaciers in the Canadian Arctic. OGGM is a glacier model that needs to be forced with climate data. For this I am partly going to use existing climate simulations and for the other part I am going to generate my own climate simulations. The Community Earth System Model Last Millennium Ensemble (CESM-LME) is a set of existing simulations that I will use. Later on I will also generate my own climate simulations with the CESM.

Thesis committee:

Prof. Dr. Michael SchulzUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Matthias PrangeUniversity of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Ben MarzeionUniversity of Bremen
Prof. Shawn MarshallUniversity of Calgary, Canada
GLOMAR Research Theme A