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Valentin Simon Ludwig

Institution:University of Bremen
Room:NW 1, room N3200
Phone:+49 421 218 - 62172
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PhD project:

Sea ice concentration from merged passive microwave, optical, and SAR satellite observations

Sea ice concentration is the fraction of a given area which is covered by sea ice. More basically, it tells you where you have how much sea ice. It is of interest for a broad variety of disciplines: Modelers want to know how much heat is transported from the ocean to the atmosphere. Biologists want to know where photosynthesis is possible and where not. Chemists might be interested in where CO2 is taken up by the ocean. Shipping companies want to know the fastest routes through the Arctic. Ship captains want to know where they have to navigate to avoid collision with ice floes.

My PhD project deals with the retrieval of sea ice concentration from remote sensing data. One dataset which I use are passive microwave data which are available independent of daylight and cloud coverage, but at a coarse resolution of 6.25 km. Another dataset comprises optical data which are restricted by cloud coverage and (partly) daylight, but come at a resolution of 1 kilometer.

Until now, there is no dataset which combines these methods to benefit from the always available passive microwave data and, where possible, from the high resolution of the optical data. The aim of my PhD project is to develop such a dataset.

In my first six months, I implemented and improved an algorithm to get the sea ice concentration from thermal infrared data. The gaps in the resulting sea ice concentration field are filled up with passive microwave sea ice concentrations. My next steps will be to evaluate this preliminary product and to improve the merging procedure of the two datasets. At a later stage, more datasets will be included.

Thesis committee:

Dr. Gunnar SpreenUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Leif Toudal PedersenDanish Meteorological Institute, Copenhagen
Dr. Frank KaukerAlfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), Bremerhaven
Dr. Larysa IstominaUniversity of Bremen
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