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Agata Mystkowska

Institution:University of Bremen
Room:MARUM pavilion, room 1060
Phone:+49 421 218 - 65965
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Other webpage(s):Agata's MARUM web page
Agata Mystkowska

PhD project:

Developing carbohydrate binding proteins as novel probes to detect and visualize algal polysaccharides

The atmospheric carbon dioxide is fixed by phytoplankton, approximately half of the global primary production of organic carbon occurs in the ocean. Marine organic material composition is not precisely determined, especially for the deep parts of the water column. Major fractions are polymeric carbohydrates, which represent a source of carbon for marine heterotrophs and can be sequestered in sinking particles and stored in the depth of the ocean. However, the structures of most algal carbohydrates remain unknown, limiting our ability to identify and quantify sources and sinks of carbohydrates. Polysaccharide diversity challenges conventional analytic techniques; the precise, molecular tool for glycan analysis is missing. Marine bacteria possessing polysaccharide utilization loci (PUL) are able to recognize and degrade the wide range of polysaccharides, which may be applied for glycan analysis.
The idea of the project is to use the carbohydrate binding proteins from the marine bacteria and apply them in the carbohydrate microarrays or immunoassays.

Thesis committee:

Dr. Jan-Hendrik HehemannUniversity of Bremen / MPI Bremen
Prof. Dr. Carol ArnostiUniversity of North Carolina, USA
Prof. Dr. Thorsten DittmerUniversity of Oldenburg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Nicole KoropatkinUniversity of Michigan, USA
Dr. Craig RobbUniversity of Bremen / MPI Bremen
Dr. Sylvia Vidal-MelgosaUniversity of Bremen / MPI Bremen
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