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Eunmi Park

Institution:Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), Bremerhaven
Room:GEO building room R 1410
Phone:+49 421 218 - 65075
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Other webpage(s):Eunmi's AWI web page
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Eunmi Park

PhD project:

Evaluation of lipid biomarkers – sea surface temperature reconstruction (SST) - from the equatorial to the polar Atlantic

Lipid biomarker indices, for example, the degree of unsaturation of C37 alkenones (UK´37) and TEX86 proxy (tetraether index of tetraethers consisting of 86 carbon atoms), have been used as sea surface temperature (SST) reconstruction. Recently, a Long Chain Diol Index (LDI), which is based on C28 1,13-, C30 1,13- and C30 1,15-diols, was proposed as a potential proxy for SST. A number of studies show that those indices correlate principally with annual mean SST in the upper mixed layer.

Although there have been successful applications of several SST proxies in marine sediments, some questions still remain regarding the seasonality and water depth of their production, the biogeochemical controlling factor for their export to the deep ocean, and their application potential in a certain environments, particularly in high latitude environments. Additionally, recent studies have emphasized that samples by collected by sediment traps can be of great value to understand the lipid biomarkers on their way to the sea floor and for comparison with the sediment signal as well as they allow us to estimate the seasonal bias.

Therefore, the main objective of my PhD project is to gain a better understanding of proxy parameters associated with organic lipid biomarkers by analysing sediment trap particles from the marine water column from the equatorial to the polar Atlantic Ocean.

Thesis committee:

Prof. Dr. Gesine MollenhauerAlfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), Bremerhaven
Dr. Gerhard FischerUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Morten Hvitfeldt IversenUniversity of Bremen
PD Dr. Martin KönnekeUniversity of Bremen