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Research Theme D "Ocean & Society"

Anthropogenic activities in the oceans increasingly affect the marine environment as well as a rising number of people throughout the world. Different disciplines of humanities and social sciences reflect on the societal developments responding to these influences.

PhD students in research theme D have a background in law, sociology, economics, and political sciences and focus on topics like:

  • marine environmental law and policy,
  • fisheries and offshore resource management,
  • economic developments in regional seas,
  • poverty alleviation in coastal communities.

Research Associate for Research Theme D: Martin Lukas

PhD students in research theme D

PhD student PhD project Supervisor
Rebecca Borges e Silva The influence of ecosystem service based spatial planning on the social-environmental governability in the Babitonga Bay, Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil Prof. Dr. Matthias Wolff
Britta Hamann Interdisciplinary knowledge practices in marine research Prof. Dr. Michi Knecht
Luise Britta Heinrich Assessing the potential synergistic effects of deep-sea mining and a comparison to onshore mining: Sourcing nickel from deep-sea manganese nodules as a case study Prof. Dr. Andrea Koschinsky
Eric Tamatey Lawer Transnational Collaborations for the greening of Ports in Germany and West Africa Prof. Dr. Michael Flitner
Pedro Pablo Silva Sanchez International Law of the Sea – Contemporary Issues Dr. Till Markus
Roger Spranz Environmental Awareness and Coastal Management Prof. Dr. Achim Schlüter