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Research Theme B "Ocean & Seafloor"

From the coast to the deep sea the seafloor covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. Thereby it hosts a huge diversity of ecosystems, provides a wealth of resources, archives information about Earth’s history, connects the interior of the Earth to the hydrosphere, and interferes with human usage especially in the coastal zones. In the research theme “Ocean & Seafloor”, we address a variety of aspects within a multidisciplinary consortium:

  • Sedimentology – investigating the deposition of sediments as well as the structure of sedimentary features,
  • Morphodynamics – analyzing the interplay of hydrodynamics, sediments and morphology in shaping the “seascape”,
  • Seismology – imaging the sub-seafloor to assess the long-term development of the seafloor,
  • Fluids & Gases – assessing the presence of fluids and gases in the lithosphere and their exchange with the hydrosphere,
  • Petrology – understanding the fate of newly formed ocean crust from generation to alteration.

Research Associate for Research Theme B: Dana Pittauer

PhD students in research theme B

PhD student PhD project Supervisor
Elmar Albers The role of magmatic and metasomatic mass transfers in exhumation of the mantle in oceanic detachment faults Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach
Dina Al-Sammarraie Post-liquefaction Behaviour of Soil During and After Vibratory Pile Installation Pro. Dr. Tobias Mörz
Seyed Mohammad Amirshahi Turbulent Suspension of Sediments in Coastal Environments PD Dr. Christian Winter
Richard Jason Antonio Magma plumbing dynamics at the ultraslow-spreading Southwest Indian Ridge Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach
Fenna Bergmann The Bengal Fan stratigraphy as a function of tectonic and climate – Correlation of IODP Expedition 354 results and available seismic data from the Bay of Bengal Prof. Dr. Volkhard Spieß
Alexander Diehl Magma-hydrothermal interactions at island arcs Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bach
Aisgo dos Anjos Oguro Quantification of sediment properties using inverted 2d- Multichannel Seismoacoustic Prof. Dr. Volkhard Spieß
Hadar Elyashiv Non-focused versus focused gravitational mass movement along passive continental margins Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers
Benjamin Gillard Towards Sustainable Deep Sea Mining- Impact of mining activities on benthic pelagic coupling in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone Dr. Morten Iversen
Julia Haberkern Investigation of contouritic depositional systems and their interaction with the
oceanographic regime at continental margins, using high resolution multichannel seismic and hydroacoustic data.
Prof. Dr. Volkhard Spieß
Benjamin Halstenberg Impact of grain-scale properties of heavy magnetic minerals on their distribution and enrichment in coastal systems: From laboratory fractionation experiments to transport models and electromagnetic surveys of magnetite dispersal in nature Prof. Dr. Tilo v. Dobeneck
Knut Krämer Small scale morphodynamics in tidal environments PD Dr. Christian Winter
Lars Lindner Investigation of pore pressure changes as a trigger of submarine landslides using DEM-FDM coupled model. Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers
Markus Loher Geological assessment of cold seep dynamics and mud volcanos revealed by high-resolution seafloor data Prof. Dr. Gerhard Bohrmann
Ann Noowong Geo-bio interactions in shallow and deep-sea hydrothermal vents and metal-binding organic molecules produced by microbes in the vent fluids Prof. Dr. Andrea Koschinsky
Asli Özmeral Climatically controlled sediment processes on shelf areas preserved in confined depositional structures Prof. Dr. Volkhard Spieß
Sophie Anna Luise Paul Environmental impacts of deep-sea mining – biogeochemical processes on the seafloor and the development of monitoring standards for effective policy making Prof. Dr. Andrea Koschinsky
Alexander Rösner Analysis of subduction zone earthquake pressure and temperature transients based on in-situ data and laboratory experiments Prof. Dr. Achim Kopf
Nora Schulze Seismic investigation of possible ICDP drilling locations within the lake Nam Co, Tibet Prof. Dr. Volkhard Spieß
Florian Stähler Small cyclic pre-shearing of dense North Sea sand Prof. Dr. Tobias Mörz
Leonardo Tamborrino Spatio-temporal distribution of cold-water coral and coral mounds in the SE Atlantic Prof. Dr. Dierk Hebbeln
Grit Warratz Contourite drift sedimentation and sedimentary regimes within and around mid-slope-canyons at the Uruguay/Argentine continental margin Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Henrich
Frederike Wilckens Isotopic studies of vent fluids and hydrothermal precipitates Prof. Dr. Simone Kasemann