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Mid-term evaluation of the PhD project


When you are approximately in the middle of your PhD project, it is recommendable to evaluate the project status and identify the needs you have in order to be able to complete the project successfully. You can do this just for yourself or discuss it with your supervisor and/or thesis committee. The following questions may guide this evaluation.

(1) PhD project

  • Am I generally satisfied with the status of my PhD project?
  • Is my project on track, do I have the impression that I can finish it in the given time?
  • What are my needs with regard to the goal of finishing in the given time?


(2) Supervision

  • Am I content with my supervision?
  • What are my needs with regard to the goal of successfully completing my PhD project?

(3) Additional activities

 (e.g. courses, research placement, conferences)

  • Which activities have I participated in / conducted?
  • Which activities would I still like to participate in / conduct and how do I plan to organise this?

(4) Do I have any other needs or questions?