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Eva Bischof

Institution: University of Bremen
Room: MARUM I, room 0030
Phone: +49 421 218 - 65692
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Eva Bischof

PhD project:

The Anisian (Middle Triassic) ammonoids of Nevada - An integrated approach to understand morphological change

The broad goal of my PhD project is to reveal interrelations between morphological change in ammonoids and paleoenvironmental pressure. The project related fieldwork was performed in the desert of NW Nevada (USA) in August 2017 and September 2018. At preselected outcrops in the Humboldt Range and the Augusta Mountains we measured lithostratigraphic section and collected fossil material and rock samples. The stratigraphic age of the sediments of both localities is the late Anisian of the Middle Triassic. The Triassic period is characterized by changing environmental factors and a rapid rise in the number of predatory groups that became important throughout the Mesozoic. Both factors can cause the development of new morphologies in ammonoids. Using multivariate statistics, we will model the morphologic changes of the ammonoid species over time. With this integrated approach, we strive to reveal further insights into the dynamics of the Middle Triassic ecosystem development over time.

The study area in NW Nevada, focused on here, is dominated by an extraordinary geological history, which lead to incredibly varied and complex rock assemblages. Even though the single lithologies are very well mapped, the lateral relationships of the different entities of the Star Peak Group are still not fully clarified. In addition to the paleontological approach of this work, we also pursue the goal of gaining a better understanding of the paleoecology of the depositional area.

Thesis committee:

PD Dr. Jens Lehmann University of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Jochen Kuss University of Bremen
Prof. Dr. André Freiwald University of Bremen and Senckenberg am Meer, Wilhelmshaven
Dr. Barbara Donner University of Bremen


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