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Associate Scientists

Research Themes A and B and groups of 2016 and 2018:

Chelsea Korpanty
Research interests:
  • Paleoecology, biodiversity, and biogeography of marine invertebrates
  • Paleoclimate - paleoecology relationships during the Quaternary (Cenozoic)
  • Taphonomy and time-averaging of marine faunal assemblages
  • Assessing the impact of anthropogenic stresses on marine ecosystems
  • Science education, communication, and outreach

Research Themes C + D and groups of 2015 and 2017:


Dr. Martin C. Lukas
Phone: +49 421 218 - 61851
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Research interests:
  • Environmental governance
  • Environmental conflicts
  • Water governance
  • Land use and land cover change
  • (Historical) environmental change
  • Political ecology
Research methods:
Combination of social-scientific research methods with remote sensing and historical cartography

Regional focus:
Indonesia, South Asia

On parental leave:


Dr. Karin Boos


+49 421 218-63035


+49 421-218



NW 2, Raum A2080


Former GLOMAR Associate Scientists

Daniela Pittauer

Dr. Daniela Pittauer
Research Themes A "Ocean & Climate and B "Ocean & Seafloor"
09.2014 - 10.2017

Current affiliation: PANGAEA Data Curator at Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research

Alice Lefebvre

Dr. Alice Lefebvre
Research Theme B "Ocean & Seafloor"
09.2012 - 09.2017 (with interruptions due to parental leave)

Current affiliation: Postdoc at MARUM

Jürgen Titschack
Dr. Jürgen Titschack
Research Theme B "Ocean & Seafloor"
06.2015 - 12.2015

Current affiliation: Postdoc at MARUM
Sarah Wise

Dr. Sarah Wise
Research Theme D "Ocean & Society"
05.2013 - 04.2015

Current affiliation:
Scientist at National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and at National Marine fisheries Service, USA

Ulrike holzwarth
Dr. Ulrike Holzwarth
Research Theme A "Ocean & Climate"
12.2009 - 09.2014

Current affiliation:
Freelance alternative practitioner - psychotherapy: www.lifeintides.de
Lecturer at Studierwerkstatt, University of Bremen
Henry Wu

Dr. Henry C. Wu
Research Theme A "Ocean & Climate"
09.2013 - 07.2014

Current affiliation: Researcher at Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT)


Dr. Julien Michel
Research Theme B "Ocean & Seafloor"
12.2013 - 06.2014

Current affiliation:
Postdoc at Total in France


Dr. Martina Löbl
Research Theme C "Ocean & Life"
02.2011 - 01.2014

Current affiliation:
Research Coordinator at Alfred Wegener Institute


Dr. Janna Just
Research Theme A "Ocean & Climate"
09.2012 - 09.2013

Af­fil­i­ations fol­low­ing GLO­MAR:
Postdoc at the University of Cologne
Postdoc at the University of Bremen


Dr. Till Markus
Research Theme D "Ocean and Society"
09.2008 - 12.2012

Current affiliation:
Postdoc in the Law Faculty at the University of Bremen


Dr. Ines Heßler
Research Area A "Ocean and Climate"
05.2012 - 08.2012

Current af­fil­i­ation:
Data Consultant at the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) at Intersect Australia Pty Ltd.


Dr. Leticia Cotrim da Cunha
Research Area B "Coastal Zone Processes"

Current affiliation:
Professor for Chemical Oceanography at Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil
Philipp Assmy


Dr. Philipp Assmy
Research Area C "Marine Ecology and Biogeochemistry"

Current affiliation:
Postdoc at the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) in Tromsø, Norway


Dr. Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen
Research Area B "Coastal Zone Processes"

Current affiliation:
Lecturer at the University of Kopenhagen, Denmark


Dr. Sabine Hüttl-Kabus
Research Area A "Ocean and Climate"
05.2007 - 07.2009

First affiliation following GLOMAR:
Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH)


Prof. Dr. Winfried Osthorst
Research Area D "Challenges to Society"

Current affiliation:
Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen