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MARUM / GLOMAR Courses 2008

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MonthDay(s)Course TopicLecturer(s) / Trainer(s)
Course Type*
January8 - 9Project ManagementFrank Fischer
February11 - 22Marine Sciences Part I: Oceanography and ClimateDr. Torsten Bickert et al.
March17 - 18Multivariate statistical methodsDr. David Heslop
April1 - 4Introduction to climate modellingProf. Dr. Michael Schulz
Dr. André Paul
Dr. Michel Cruzifix
Dr. Ute Merkel
22 - 24Multibeam ImagingDr. Verner B. Ernstsen
Dr. Tilmann Schwenk
28 - 29Presenting ScienceWerner Große
June2 - 3Career planning in scienceSusanne Abeld
Dr. Dietmar Kraft
16 - 18Scientific WritingProf. Dr. Rebecca Rendle-Bühring
26 - 27EUROPROX course:
Career Workshop for Geoscientists
Organisers: Dr. Cécile Blanchet and Dr. Stijn De Schepper
September1 - 12ECORD Summer School 2008 "Deep Subseafloor Biosphere"
19 - 27Mass wasting on continental margins: Comparing modern and ancient settingsProf. Dr. Rüdiger Henrich
PD Dr. Till Hanebuth
Prof. Dr. Achim Kopf
Dr. Michael Strasser
Dr. Sebastian Krastel
October1Conflict ManagementDr. Peter Witchalls
14 - 16Polar oceans and global changeProf. Dr. Wilhelm Hagen
Prof. Dr. Victor Smetacek
Dr. Philipp Assmy
27 - 28GLOMAR Career WorkshopKlaus Hartstock
29 - 30Carbon burbs and hickups: the global carbon cycle during the CenozoicDr. Heiko Pälike
November17 - 21GLOMAR Introductory Course to Socio-Economic and Institutional Dimensions of Global Change in the Marine RealmProf. Dr. Michael Flitner
Prof. Dr. Ingo Heidbrink
Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Lange
Prof. Dr. Gerd Winter
Dr. Cornelia Ohl
December2 - 3Towards Reconciling Use and Conservation at Sea – Examples from Fisheries Policy and Marine Protected AreasAugustin Berghöfer

Glomar offers three different categories of courses:

Introductory Courses (I)

aim at providing first year PhD students with a comprehensive overview of the marine sciences. In following the idea of interdisciplinary exchange, two introductory courses have been specifically designed to introduce the natural marine sciences to social scientists and vice versa.

Expert Courses (E)

aim at providing all PhD students with topic related expert knowledge in a condensed format. This saves time otherwise spent in long lasting literature reviews, which can then be used for PhD students' own research.

Transferable Skill Courses (TS)

aim at providing all PhD students with competence related to leardership, communication, presentation, teamwork, etc. and skills such as project or time management.