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Career development for early career researchers is a key objective of MARUM. We offer a number of resources and programmes to assist PhD students and postdocs in reflecting on their career and to develop a career strategy.

Our offers include

Meeting professionals: job perspectives in academia and in other fields

Career Chats

Insights into (mostly) post-academic job perspectives


Career Paths Symposium

Bi-annual symposium with professionals from marine and climate sciences who work in non-academic fields.


How to... Workshops and Trainings

List of workshops and trainings

 Examples of workshops and training topics in the past:

Career planning - Identify your competencies
Science as a story - how to improve your outreach and impact
Women and Career
Infoveranstaltung zum Quer-/Seiteneinstieg in das Lehramt
(From sci­ence to sec­ond­ary school - how to be­come a teacher in Ger­many)
How to get involved in science communication activities in marine sciences (in Bremen) 
Conveying the message - communicationg complex science to non-experts
From career choice to career goal- Standing your ground and finding a job - for female scientists
From career choice to career goal with a convincing application
Sketchnotes for Scientists
A Film Studio in Your Pocket - Creating Scientific Short Films with a Smartphone
Twitter as a Tool for Scientists
Basics of Science Communication: Writing for the Media and the Public
Infoveranstaltung zum Quer-/Seiteneinstieg in das Lehramt
(From science to secondary school - how to become a teacher in Germany)


Newsletter for job hunters

For members of MARUM and of our partner institutions who are looking for a job or are interested in gathering some information about the job market, we have a mailing list that you can subscribe to.

As a  member of this list, you will receive recent job postings and some information that may be interesting for job hunters for both, the academic and the non-academic job market.

Please note that the mailing list is open to former and present members of MARUM and our partner institutions only. Jobs announced are mainly for people with a PhD.

To subscribe, visit http://lists.marum.de/mailman/listinfo/job-hunt 

Please note that you can only subscribe from within the University of Bremen network. If you are outside the network and would like to subscribe, please send an e-mail to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]. Please explain what your relation to MARUM is.