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Projects 2nd cohort

HB-2-1 Changes in Arctic sea ice dynamics observed by satellites
HB-2-2 Constraining sea ice models with observations and data assimilation methods: impact of rheology,resolution, and parameterizations on climate simulations
HB-2-3 Variability in Baffin Bay meltwater discharge, sea-ice formation and climate change
HB-2-4 Impact of natural climate variability on Canadian Arctic glaciers during the Holocene
HB-2-5 Transport variability from the subtropics and its impact on glacial melt
HB-2-6 Mixing-induced vertical heat and feshwater fluxes in the upper ocean
HB-2-7 Impacts of oceanic fronts on lateral spreading of water masses in the North Atlantic
HB-2-8 North-Eastern Baffin Bay response to (early) Holocene warming
HB-2-9 Impact of past environmental change on Baffin Bay ecosystems
HB-2-10 Assessing the ecology of the planktonic foraminifer Neogloboquadrina pachyderma
HB-2-11 Fate and impact of deglacial meltwater runoff in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean
HB-2-12 Isotopic signals of Greenland meltwater discharge into the Baffin Bay