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Our Mission

In times of a rapidly changing global environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to assess how the Earth will develop in the future. A prerequisite for such assessments is an understanding of the dynamics of climate and environmental change, for example, the development over time, regional differences, and relevant cause-and-effect relationships.

By focussing on individual ocean regions and on specific marine ecosystems, our research aims to continuously improve knowledge in this field. In this context, our studies follow two guiding principles: (1) "The past is the window into the future" - because only for the past we can study the processes that will shape our future environment, and (2) "The present is the key to the past" – because only a thorough understanding of present processes allows us to interpret archives of Earth's history.

The research group Marine Sedimentology performs its research and teaching activities at the University of Bremen in the framework of the MARUM (Center for Marine Environmental Sciences) and in close cooperation with the Department of Geosciences. Our studies focus on various aspects of Marine Sciences: Palaeoceanography & Climate, Cold-Water Coral Ecosystems, and Seafloor Dynamics.

Inform yourself

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