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The MARUM-QUEST 4000m remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is a full sized, so called "work class" deep-water ROV, originally designed to serve industrial needs for offshore production and intervention tasks. At MARUM, QUEST is continuously adapted to the needs of deep-sea research, utilizing its high electrical power and large payload capacity to provide a versatile platform for state-of-the-art deep-water science at water depths down to 4000 meter. Today, it has proven its value during over 30 expeditions since 2003 with more than 370 scientific dives.

QUEST was originally developed as a commercial robotic vehicle by Schilling Robotics, Davis, USA, primarily for heavy duty offshore industrial applications in the deep ocean. In contrast to the commercial model, the Bremen QUEST has been adapted at MARUM for a number of scientific applications.

Since its initial deployment during expedition "M58-3" in June 2003, QUEST is routinely operated worldwide aboard research vessels between 2 to 5 times per year. Expeditions include work for several national German DFG and BMBF funded programs, internal MARUM research projects, the EU supported programs ACES, HERMES, ESONET, the US NOAA's Ring of Fire expedition program, and others.

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