Dr. Marcos Yoshinaga

Name: Dr. Dr. Marcos Yoshinaga
Department: Organic Geochemistry, Hinrichs Lab
Job: Post Doc
Room:MARUM I, 2620


+49  421 218 - 65744
E-Mail: myoshinaga@marum.de

B.Sc. degree on Biological Sciences at the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil (2001)
PhD student in Biological Oceanography at the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo (IOUSP), Brazil (2002-2007)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Post Doc Fellowship at the University of Bremen (MARUM), Germany (2008-2010)
Post Doc at the University of Bremen (MARUM) (2010-Present)

Employing a combination of molecular and stable carbon isotopic investigation from environmental carbon pools (e.g. dissolved inorganic carbon, methane, volatile fatty acids, intact membrane lipids) my current research is aimed at examine the microbial carbon cycling in the marine realm. Three settings are of great interest: methane seep sites (strong carbon cycling coupled to high microbial biomass), shallow subsurface sediments (low turnover rates and low biomass) and hydrothermal vent systems (extreme environments with high microbial activity). Apart from decoding the signals of organic molecules in natural environments, recently my research also focuses on the understanding of the archaeal lipid production by manipulating cultured methanogens.

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