Training of early career scientists is a major goal of MARUM. The Graduate School GLOMAR hosts PhD students from MARUM and associated institutions and serves as an umbrella for other doctoral programmes such as the Integrated Research Training Groups (IRTG) INTERCOAST and ArcTrain. A training programme for young marine scientists has already been initiated in 1998 with the European Graduate College of Marine Sciences (ECOLMAS), which was part of the Netherlands Bremen Oceanography Corporation (NEBROC). Today, these training courses for PhD students, Master students and Postdocs are offered through GLOMAR. Since 2007, MARUM and the Bremen Core repository have hosted an annual ECORD Summer School which attracts young scientists from all over the world.


Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences
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Integrated Coastal Zone and Shelf-Sea Research
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Processes and impacts of climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic
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