Dr. David Fischer

Name: Dr. David Fischer
Department: Marine Geology
Alfred Wegener Institute
Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research
Am Handelshafen 12
D-27570 Bremerhaven
Room: E-1250
Phone: 0049-471-48312389
Room:GEO, 1050


+49  421 218 - 65059
Fax: +49  421 218 - 65099
E-Mail: dfischer@marum.de


December 2013-present Alfred Wegener Institute / Marum GB 2 
August 2012-Nov. 2013 Microstructure of natural gas hydrates (DFG project) 
July 2008-February 2012 PhD student in the frame of Marum-Center for Marine Environmental Sciences. Thesis title: "Transport and (bio)geochemical processes at cold seeps of the Makran convergent margin" 
January 2006-June 2006 Exchange student at the Faculty of Geosciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
October 2001-July 2008 Studies of Physical Geography (Diploma degree), Geosciences and Biology, University of Bremen 

Research interests

  • marine biogeochemistry
  • cold seeps
  • authigenic minerals
  • gas hydrates


Scientific papers
Fischer, D., Mogollón, J. M., Strasser, M., Pape, T., Bohrmann, G., Fekete, N., Spiess, V., Kasten, S. (2013): Subduction zone earthquake as potential trigger of submarine hydrocarbon seepage.
Nature Geoscience, 6, 647-651, doi:10.1038/ngeo1886

Pop Ristova, P., Wenzhöfer, F., Ramette, A., Zabel, M., Fischer, D., Kasten, S., Boetius, A. (2012): Bacterial diversity and biogeochemistry of different chemosynthetic habitats of the REGAB cold seep (West African margin, 3160 m water depth).
Biogeosciences , 9, 5031-5048

Bogus, K. A., Zonneveld, K. A. F., Fischer, D., Kasten, S., Bohrmann, G., and Versteegh, G. J. M. (2012): The effect of meter-scale lateral oxygen gradients at the sediment-water interface on selected organic matter based alteration, productivity and temperature proxies.
Biogeosciences, 9, 1553-1570

Fischer, D., Sahling, H., Nöthen, K., Bohrmann, G., Zabel, M., Kasten, S. (2012): Interaction between hydrocarbon seepage, chemosynthetic communities, and bottom water redox at cold seeps of the Makran accretionary prism: insights from habitat-specific pore water sampling and modeling. Biogeosciences (9), 2013-2031

Pape T., Feseker T., Kasten S., Fischer D., Bohrmann G. (2011): Distribution and abundance of gas hydrates in surface deposits of the Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano, SW Barents Sea.
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (G3). 12, Q09009

Niemann, H., Fischer, D., Graffe, D., Knittel, K., Montiel, A., Heilmayer, O., Nöthen, K., Pape, T., Kasten, S., Bohrmann, G., Boetius, A., Gutt, J. (2009): Biogeochemistry of a low-activity cold seep in the Larsen B area, western Weddell Sea, Antarctica.
Biogeosciences 6, 2383-2395


March-April 2013
R/V Polarstern 
ANT XXIX-4: Scotia Sea, Sandwich Islands 
July-August 2008
R/V Meteor 
M76-3b: Congo deep sea fan, cold seeps, Regab pockmark 
November-December 2007
R/V Meteor 
M74-3b: Makran accretionary wedge, cold seeps 
November 2006-February 2007
R/ Polarstern 
ANT XXIII-8: Antarctic Peninsula, Larsen B ice shelf, cold seeps 
September 2006
R/V Heincke 
He-260: Baltic Sea 
May 2006
R/V Heincke 
He-250: North Sea